Consulting Services

0 to 10 RM provides workshops, seminars and a wide range of consulting and training activities to organisations interested in pursuing the benefits of Strategic Partnering and Alliance relationships and High Performance Relationship Management.

Specialist services include:

  • Coaching in the management and leadership of high performance relationships.
  • Participating on Joint Leadership and Management Teams.
  • Assistance in the ongoing management and improvement of customer/supplier relationships and alliance partnering relationships in particular.
  • Troubleshooting – independent third party assistance in the resolution of issues and conflicts.
  • Strategic Partnering/Alliance Manager / Elite Trainer Facilitator (ETF)selection and development.
  • Development, negotiation, agreement and sign-off of Partnering and Alliance agreements.
  • Development of high performance relationship Case Studies (for internal and/or external consumption) around the highlights, lessons learnt, opportunities for improvement, value adding and competitive points of difference.
  • Public speaking – Tony Lendrum is a skilled and experienced speaker able to inspire and challenge participants at conferences, workshops and public seminars.

Specialist workshops - facilitation and training

  • High Performance Relationship Management Seminars & Workshops
  • Relationship review and improvement
  • Project review and improvement
  • Change management
  • Relationship Alignment Diagnostic (RAD)
  • Relationship/project rescue and reset
  • Conflict resolution
  • Performance measurement
  • Relationship strategy review and development
  • Business strategy planning
  • Internal alignment
  • Customer/supplier partner evaluation and selection
  • Bid team preparation
  • Commercial contract negotiation
  • Negotiation skills
  • Horizon planning
  • Risk/reward modelling
  • Innovation
  • Project post-implementation review (PIR)
  • Relationship business plan development.