Current Elite Trainer Facilitators

0 to 10RM Elite Trainer Facilitators (ETFs) are individuals who have successfully completed the 0 to 10RM (P2) ETF program. The growing global community of Elite Trainer Facilitators comprises internal employees of client organisations and external independent consultants. ETFs who have indicated their availability for engagement in external consulting, training and facilitating activities are listed below along with their contact details.

Name Location Email
Tony Lendrum NSW, Australia
Colin Heath NSW, Australia
George Hodgson NSW, Australia
Julien Prosser NSW, Australia
Michael Craner NSW, Australia
Jock Macneish VIC, Australia
Alison McPhee New Zealand
Gary Ryan VIC, Australia
Liam McFadden VIC, Australia
Clive Nielsen WA, Australia
John Taylor WA, Australia
Carolyn Mason QLD, Australia
John Woodyard New Zealand
Brian Wilson New Zealand
Dave Hawkins Alberta, Canada
Kevin Klassen Alberta, Canada

0 to 10RM licensed organisations with internal certified 0 to 10RM Elite Trainers Facilitators include:
  • China Light and Power - Hong Kong
  • Suncor Energy – Canada
  • Gen-i - New Zealand
  • Sydney Water - Australia
The internal ETF role typically involves supporting leaders, facilitation of the delivery of business strategy and internal transformational initiatives.