(ETF) Elite Trainer Facilitator License (P2 Program)

The P2 ETF Program is designed to produce certified, licensed Elite Trainer Facilitators (ETFs) in the practical application of 0 to 10 RM models and associated tools. ETFs form part of an evolving global community of highly respected, passionate champions and professionals focused on improvement and the sharing of Relationship Management best practices.

The Elite Trainer Facilitator certification comprises an intensive, interactive program of work requiring pre reading and familiarity with the 0 to 10 RM models and tools. The program is interactive and competency focused against established performance criteria.

Training Programs
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Program objectives

To share the principles and values, history and strategy behind the 0 to 10RM approach
  • To review the 0 to 10RM models and tools for common understanding, common language and common practice.
  • To facilitate training and facilitation skills in 0 to 10RM management and the many and varied workshop environments.
  • To take the program participants outside their comfort zones in building competency and exploring opportunities for improvement in 0 to 10RM.
  • To build/develop and test competency in the application of the 0 to 10RM models and tools.
  • To build confidence in, advocacy for and commitment to the 0 to 10RM approach and the associated 'ETF community'.


The ETF License Program is conducted by Tony Lendrum
It can be delivered:
  • as an Executive Program over five days or
  • over a more extended timeframe and within the work environment.
Both delivery modes are structured to deliver superior outcomes for participants.

Who should participate in the ETF Program?

  • Relationship Managers
  • Partnering and Alliance Managers
  • Senior Managers / Account Executives
  • Procurement Managers / Specialists
  • Key Account Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • National and Global Account Managers
  • Business Consultants
  • Trainers / Facilitators
  • Coaches
For more information download the P2 factsheet

Program Cost

Program costs are available on request.
For further information please contact: tony.lendrum@0to10rm.com