About 0to10RM

The focus of 0 to 10 Relationship Management is to add value for organisations wanting to implement practical and effective relationship rescue, relationship management and relationship improvement strategies.

0 to 10RM provides a framework for understanding and proactively managing business relationships and their improvement.

Relationship management is important because relationships – good, bad or indifferent – are central to the way business is managed and the way we live our lives. Better relationships therefore make better people, better business and a better life; these in turn make our world a better place.

0 to 10 Relationship Management - 0 to 10RM:

  • comprises a methodology and a set of practical programs, models and tools to significantly improve your business and organisational relationships from their current state to desired future state
  • provides a common understanding, common language and common practice around high performance relationship management, internal and external to the organisation
  • is simple, effective and universal in explaining how business and organisational relationships work.

The 0 to 10RM Matrix is the centre-piece of 0 to 10 Relationship Management. It describes the connection between the Relationship Type engaged and the performance outcomes in terms of the Current State and Desired Future State for a relationship.

Sample Matrix Figure 1: 0 to 10 Relationship Management Matrix.

The defining benefits of 0 to 10RM

  • Simplicity – anyone from the shop floor to the boardroom can understand the 0 to 10RM tools and models.
  • Universality – it can be applied to any business relationship; in any marketplace; in the public or private sector. All business relationships fit somewhere on the 0 to 10RM matrix.
  • Value-adding effectiveness – when applied in the right way, for the right reasons and by the right people, it will make a positive difference to the relationship, delivery of business strategy and underlying performance, financial and non-financial.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Passion
  • Mutuality
  • Health, Safety & Environment